What We Do

Why get rid of damaged computer parts when you can recycle them? Do not throw your old computer parts away and turn them over here at Greenville Metal Recyclers instead. Whether it is an old monitor, broken CPU, or defective keyboard, our professionals have the necessary experience and expertise to properly dispose of whatever computer waste you need taken off your hands. Call us today to know more about our computer recycling services!

Greenville Metal Recyclers can recycle old and spare appliances safely, ethically, and conveniently. Our professional recyclers are dedicated to saving appliances. You can trust us to take the proper steps to handle your appliance disposal responsibly and help preserve the health of the environment. From an old refrigerator and oven to a damaged electric fan and TV, we got you covered! Before putting anything away, think of recycling them first. Want to know how? Give us a call!

As the saying goes, “there is money in the trash.” If you think old and useless scraps are meant to be thrown away, then think again. Here at Greenville Metal Recyclers, we use only the proper equipment and innovative techniques to put your scraps to good use. Whether it is aluminum, metal, plastic, copper, brass, you name it -- we can get it and recycle it! Dial us today to know more about the scraps we accept and recycle.

Think Smart, Think Green: Recycle! Call Us!