What We Do

Why discard damaged computer parts when you can recycle them? Do not throw your old computer parts away! Bring them in to Greenville Metal Recyclers instead. Whether it is a broken CPU or a defective keyboard, our employees have the necessary experience to properly dispose of whatever computer waste you need taken off your hands. Call us today to know more about our computer recycling services!

Tired of looking at the broken appliance sitting in your yard? Our facility accepts all types of appliances for recycling. Bring in your old washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, water heaters, and more. You can trust us to take the proper steps to handle your appliance disposal responsibly. We have the personnel and equipment to help you unload your heavy appliance onto our yard.

We accept all metals including copper, brass, aluminum, tin, and iron just to name a few. Bring us your scrap and we will grade it for you and offer the best price. We buy plumbing scrap, A/C scrap, demolition scrap, electrician scrap, plus much more!

Think Smart, Think Green: Recycle! Call Us!